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Our history

Silesian Center for Heart Diseases in Zabrze has been established and welcomed its first patient in 1984. Here, must name the pioneers of cardiology and cardiac surgery in Zabrze, the outstanding clinicists who had determined the quality of treatment provided in our hospital: Prof. Lili Goldstein, Prof. Stanislaw Pasyk and Prof. Zbigniew Religa.

Through the years, thousands of patients entered our Center`s doors and received the best possible medical care. Throughout these years our hospital has been evolving extensively. It is thanks to the commitment at all levels of staff  and management within our Centre that it has been developing and advancing within all aspects of its organization. Our qualified and experienced medical staff, modern top quality facilities and the patient-oriented organization of our institution comprise our undoubted assets.

We can assure our patients that our hospital has both enormous potential and experience to treat them in the best possible manner. Today, our Center is located in three modern hospital buildings, which meet the standards of the best medical centers in Europe.


Established in 1984, the Center`s history may be short, yet throughout the years it has been filled with numerous clinical and scientific and often pioneer achievements.


15.08.1985 - the founding of the Department of Cardiac Surgery by prof. Zbigniew Religa

05.11.1985 - 1st heart transplantation in Poland, was performed in Zabrze

1986 - intensive coronary care unit in SCCS has implemented 24-hour service. It was the first service of this type in Poland. Soon, the treatment of acute coronary syndromes with primary angioplasty has become a new standard. This model of treatment has been then refined and spread nationwide. Today, it is considered exemplary in this part of Europe.

13.11.1987 – the launch of the first in Poland Mechanical Circulatory Support program (BERNO, TAH, BERLIN VAD, ZABRZE POLVAD.

1993 - first procedures in chronic pulmonary embolism,

1995 - development of coronary revascularization - a base of Zabrze coronary surgery

1996 - launch of the program on Reconstruction of Impaired Mitral Valve following Myocardial Infarction

1998 - first successful lung transplant, initial in Poland

1999 - implantation of aortic stentgraft of own manufacture, initial in Poland

1999 - the launch of, first in Poland, Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Surgery Program

2000 - the launch of ECMO Program

2000 - the launch of Surgical Endo-and Epicardial Ablation program (first center in Poland)

2001 - first in Poland successful heart and lung transplantation

2001 - first in Poland transcatheter umbrella closure of postinfarction ventricular septal defect

2003 - first in Poland successful lung transplantation

2004 - the initial hybrid surgery for aortic aneurysm repair

2008 - first in Poland successful heart transplantation in infant

26.11.2008 - the launch of TAVI program in Poland, a solution for high risk patients and patients with symptomatic severe aortic stenosis (using transfemoral and transapical approach)

2009 - first in Poland implantation of Heart Ware VAD

2010 - first successful minimally invasive TECAB in 103-years-old woman

2011 - first in Poland, successful minimally invasive lung transplantation in patient with cystic fibrosis

2012 - first in Poland successful lung transplant in 17-years old patient with cystic fibrosis

2013 – first in Poland implantation of Berlin Heart LVAD in infant as a bridge to heart regeneration

2014 – first in Poland implantations of Biopulmonic valve in the minimally invasive replacement of the pulmonary valve in children who had tetralogy of Fallot procedure performed as infants.

2014 – initial in Poland procedure performed by Prof. Shigeyuki Ozaki (Japan) - new surgical method of aortic valve repair

2014 – first in Poland implantation of a new type of aortic valve prosthesis – Edwards INTUITY Elite biological valve, an innovative valve implanted without the use of stiches.

2014 – first in Poland minimally invasive implantation of Symetis Acurate Neo (TAVI-TF)